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Know the Truth About Root Canals Newington, CT

Know the Truth About Root Canals

Root canals top the list as one of the most highly misunderstood procedures in dentistry. In fact, popular opinions has convinced people to wince at the mere mention of term “root canal.” However, learning the truth about what root therapy is and what it can do for your oral health can help you feel more… Continue reading

Is Flossing Really Necessary?

Studies conducted by the American Dental Association have revealed that as few as 10% of Americans floss daily. How much are you flossing? Do you value the importance of this dental hygiene task at all? While flossing isn’t as mainstream as brushing, it plays a critical role in keeping your smile healthy and strong. At… Continue reading

For the dental patient…Burning Mouth Syndrome

Are you interested in learning more about Burning Mouth Syndrome? In this article, we uncover what Burning Mouth Syndrome is, the underlying causes of Burning Mouth Syndrome and its wide range of treatment…….

The Truth About Sleep Apnea

Are you interested in learning more about Sleep Apnea but not sure where to start? In this article, we uncover what sleep apnea is, types and causes of sleep apnea and 5 ways you can treat sleep apnea and start living a……

Practicing The Best Dental Health Routine:

Do you think you’re taking good care of your teeth and gums? If all you do is brush your teeth at least twice a day, then you’re not doing enough. Everything might seem fine, but don’t be surprised if you suddenly get cavities or an aching tooth. You need to do quite a bit more… Continue reading

Dealing With Tooth Pain

Identify and Treat Tooth Pain Most people will experience tooth pain at some point, but that pain can be caused by any number of problems. It may be a very light pain that’s more discomfort than anything else, or it could be excruciating pain that you would do anything to get rid of right away.… Continue reading

8 Facts About Electric Toothbrushes

Here Are 8 Great Facts About Electronic Toothbrushes A lot of people love electric toothbrushes but there are still many that do not know whether it is worth buying one. You probably know about a few of the benefits of electric toothbrushes, but you will want to know about a few facts. Below are facts… Continue reading

Baby Teeth 101

What You Should Know about Baby Teeth Baby teeth may fall about after a while, but they serve some very important functions during the first few years of life. Let’s look at some of the most commonly asked questions about baby teeth to better understand these vital, transitional baby parts. Your Baby’s First Teeth Baby… Continue reading

Water Flosser or String Floss: Which is Best?

Dental health is very important and has been shown to affect the general health of a person. This is why it is important to practice oral hygiene by keeping your teeth clean and going for regular check-ups. There are some people who don’t see the need to go to their Newington dentist unless they have… Continue reading

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