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Water Flosser or String Floss: Which is Best? Newington, CT

Dental health is very important and has been shown to affect the general health of a person. This is why it is important to practice oral hygiene by keeping your teeth clean and going for regular check-ups. There are some people who don’t see the need to go to their Newington dentist unless they have a dental problem. This is never a good approach because you will be increasing the risks of dental problems and be forced to spend a lot more on treatment. You will also go through a lot of pain, and in some instances losing your teeth.

People have different routines, but they all come down to keeping teeth clean and doing it in the right way. Flossing has become a common practice, with some people doing it after every meal. Whatever you prefer to eat, there will be a point when food will get stuck in the teeth. The initial reaction is to brush your teeth to remove them, but flossing will prove to be far much convenient. Many people use a string to floss their teeth, but there are people who have decided to adopt a new way to floss, water flossing. American Dental Association recommends flossing once a day, although it is often overlooked. With many options in the market, you will find a quality product you are comfortable using.

What’s the Difference between using a Water Flosser and String Floss?

Traditional String Floss

There is a wide range of dental floss in the market, waxes, unwaxed, dental tape, that come in a container that has a long continuous thread. When you want to floss, you break off a long piece of about 18 inches and wound it around the fingers. You then work it gently between the teeth and also between the gum line and each tooth. Use a clean segment for each tooth.

For some people, it can be tricky to use traditional floss because it needs dextrous fingers to unwrap the string into a new section of floss for each tooth. It can also be a challenge to reach the crevices between the teeth in the back. There are cases of people feeling discomfort, pain, or even bleeding after using string floss.

Water Flossing

Water is another option for cleaning teeth, and it differs from traditional flossing. This process involves the use of a handheld device that removes food particles between teeth using a steady stream of water. This can be a good alternative for people who find it hard to use string floss. People who have braces can also have an easier time with water flossing.

Trying to decide between a water flosser vs string floss is not that hard. Each of the options has their own advantage and disadvantage.

What Should You Consider When it Comes to a Water Flosser vs String Floss?

When choosing between the two options, you have to put into considerations a number of factors. It is a good idea to consider the ideas because it will help you now the best one to choose.

There are some people who choose water flosser because they don’t like flossing. This won’t change anything. A good approach is to try different types of string floss because there are some that are far much easier to use than others.

  • Pricing

    String floss is far much cheaper than water flossers. A string floss will cost around five dollars while a good quality water floss can range from $30 to $70. With a string floss, you will have to buy another one and this means the cost will eventually add up. It can also cause inconvenience because you have to go to the store to get it.

  • Ease of Use

    There are varying opinions when it comes to the ease of use comparison between the two options. There are people who say they find string floss easy to use while there are others who find it easier to use a water flosser. String floss will involve wrapping it around the finger and remove the food particles.

  • Water flosser, on the other hand, involves the use of a machine, and this means it is easy once you have mastered using it. People with braces or feel pain when using string floss can find it much better to use a water flosser. Here on biz even mentions that utilizing an oral irrigator like a water flosser an efficient and perfect alternative for people who have a problem using a string floss.

  • Electricity

    Most of the water flossers in the market today are electric, so you have to plug them into an outlet in your bathroom. You need to consider this because there are people who find it frustrating to use one outlet for the different electric bathroom devices. You can ask an electrician to help you fix more than one port so you can have an easier time using the water flosser. If you don’t have an outlet in your bathroom, you will have to consider using string floss because it requires no electricity.

  • Quality of Flossing

    You will need to consider which of the two options provides better quality flossing. String flossing will provide better quality cleaning when it is compared to water flossing. While there is still a lot of discussions on the issue, many people agree that string flossing is a little better than water flossing. This is no way means that a water floss is not able to provide quality teeth cleaning. String floss easily removes plaque between the teeth, but water flosser does not. This is as a result of the scraping motion.

Who Should Use Water Over String to Floss?

Many dentists recommend using traditional floss alongside water flosser. There are some cases when a person is not able to use string flosses. Some of these people are;

  • People With Sensitive Gums

    Water flossers have been shown to be less painful and gentler than string flossing.

  • People With Braces

    Using string floss on braces can be hard, making it a good idea to choose a water flosser.

  • Anyone with Dexterity Issues

    People who have a hard time positioning the hands properly when flossing will find it easier to use a water flosser.

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