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Tooth repairs often include using fillings to replace lost enamel or dentin. The old amalgam metal fillings are no longer the best option available when repairing teeth. Whether you need a cavity filled or an amalgam filling replaced, composite fillings offer a safe and attractive cosmetic dentistry option for tooth repair. Green Meadow Dental offers tooth-colored composite fillings at our dental center in Newington, CT.

What is a Composite Resin?

White or composite fillings are not made with metal like amalgam fillings. Composite resin used for fillings and dental bonding is made from plastics and ceramics. The resin is a soft, pliable putty that can be molded to fill cavities, repair teeth or change the tooth shape. To apply composite fillings to the teeth, the surface is etched and the resin applied. Once the composite filling or bonding is in place, a special light is used to cure and harden the resin in place. The curing process only takes a few minutes, then the surface is polished to create a natural appearance.

Tooth-colored fillings and cosmetic bonding offer many benefits. First, the white material can be color-matched to your tooth color. The composite fillings blend with the tooth color and do not discolor your smile. Second, composite resin does not contain mercury, which is a drawback of amalgam fillings. When used for cosmetic bonding, composite resin offers a one-visit option for hiding tooth discolorations, closing tooth gaps or performing other tooth-reshaping procedures.

White Fillings for Teeth

Metal fillings are very noticeable and change your tooth color. With white composite fillings, you can retain a natural, healthy smile appearance. From repairing chipped teeth to covering cosmetic flaws, composite resin offers a lasting solution for improving the appearance and health of your smile.

When you need tooth repair but want to preserve your white smile, consider the benefits of composite fillings. Ask our dental team at Green Meadow Dental about the advantages of white fillings and cosmetic dental bonding. Contact our office in Newington, CT, to schedule your next dental visit. We accept most insurance plans and have financing available for your dental procedures.

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