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Are you one of the people with an overactive or severe gag reflex? Dental care can be frustrating for those with a sensitive gag reflex. If items touching your tongue or back of your throat make you cough or gag, it can be difficult to receive your dental treatments. At Green Meadow Dental, we offer specialized dental care for patients with severe gag reflex at our dental center in Newington, CT.

The pharyngeal reflex, or gag reflex, is designed to keep you from choking. The gagging response can occur when something touches the back of the tongue or throat, as well as the roof of the mouth. The reaction causes the throat to contract, similar to when retching or vomiting. Everyone has a gag reflex, but most people are not overly sensitive and can tolerate dental instruments in their mouths during oral care visits.

For patients with severe gag reflex, dental treatments can be constantly interrupted by the involuntary throat contraction. This is very uncomfortable for the patient, and it can be dangerous when undergoing certain dental procedures. Our dental team can help reduce the sensitivity in the mouth and help patients with an overactive pharyngeal reflex relax during their dental treatments.

Dental Treatment for Gag Reflex

There are a few different options to control a severe gag reflex during dental treatments. For some patients, distraction is helpful. We have TVs and headphones in our operatories that can be useful for distracting patients during their dental procedures. For some patients, numbing the tongue or roof of the mouth can reduce sensitivity to control gagging while dental procedures are performed.

If you suffer from a severe or sensitive gag reflex, dental treatment is available for you at Green Meadow Dental. Contact our office in Newington, CT, to schedule your next cleaning and checkup, and be sure to mention you need specialized care for your severe gag reflex.

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