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Teeth may start out white in color, but it is not uncommon for them to darken over time. Genetics, aging, stains and other factors can make your teeth look yellowish, gray or even brown. A white smile looks healthier and youthful, but it can require cosmetic treatments to achieve. Our cosmetic dentist at Green Meadow Dental offers professional teeth whitening in Newington, CT, to achieve a more attractive smile.

Coffee, tea, wine and tobacco are all culprits of staining the enamel. Even if you brush after every meal and come in for dental cleanings twice a year, you can still experience tooth darkening. Not only do foods, beverages and nicotine stain your enamel, your dentin can become darker. Discolored teeth can make your smile and face look older, impacting your overall appearance.

Most people want white, bright teeth. Due to this desire, you will see teeth whitening products everywhere; but they do not all work the same. The over-the-counter strips, pens, gels and toothpastes can offer some help with whitening your smile, but they can be unreliable and may dry out your enamel. A safer and dependable option is professional teeth bleaching at our office in Newington.

Professional Teeth Bleaching

At Green Meadow Dental, we offer the proven efficiency of Zoom! teeth whitening products. We have various options available, from kickstart products to dramatic professional teeth bleaching. You will receive a thorough exam to determine the best product or treatment to obtain the desired results. Your whitening will be performed by a dental professional to ensure your teeth are protected while achieving the desired shade of white.

Once your teeth are white again, you can maintain your smile appearance with professional whitening products. Our dental team can help you find the right products to keep your new white smile gleaming for years to come.

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most affordable and quickest ways to improve the appearance of your smile. If your teeth are looking dull, give them a more youthful, attractive look with bleaching. Contact us at Green Meadow Dental to schedule a teeth whitening consultation at our office in Newington, CT.

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