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When you have an infected tooth, there are only a few solutions available to stop the tooth pain. The least desirable solution is to remove the tooth. The best option is root canal therapy, which can remove the diseased tissue from inside the tooth. This saves it from extraction while stopping the pain and infection. At Green Meadow Dental, we can perform root canals for infected teeth at our dental center in Newington, CT.

Inside each tooth is live tissue and nerve roots. When the tooth is damaged or decayed, bacteria can find their way inside the canals of the tooth roots. Once there is an infection inside the tooth, the nerve roots can be irritated. Patients with infected teeth often experience tooth pain that will not subside unless the infection or tooth is removed. The best way to relieve the pain is with an endodontic procedure called root canal therapy.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

If your tooth is infected or damaged, root canal therapy can remove the diseased tissue and stop the irritation of the tooth nerves. The procedure involves opening up the tooth and removing the pulp and nerve roots from inside the canals. The canal is sterilized to stop the infection and repacked with material. The tooth is sealed and often a dental crown will be added to protect the damaged tooth.

Once a root canal is completed, the tooth will no longer feel pain from inside the canals. The nerve roots are removed, and the diseased tissue is gone. The treatment is not painful – it is similar in discomfort to a dental filling. The tooth is numbed before the procedure, and there is minimal pain after the anesthesia wears off, since the nerve roots are no longer inside the tooth.

If you have a diseased tooth that is causing you pain, root canal therapy may be the best solution to save your tooth and stop the pain. At Green Meadow Dental, we offer emergency dental appointments for patients experiencing tooth pain at our dental center in Newington, CT. Contact our office if you have tooth pain to schedule an appointment, and find out whether a root canal may be needed to give you relief.

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