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The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is vital for jaw and mouth movement. When the joint components are damaged or not working correctly, they can cause pain and jaw dysfunction. TMJ disorders, or TMD, can be aggravating, causing many different symptoms. Our dental team at Green Meadow Dental offers TMJ and TMD treatment at our facility in Newington, CT.

There are many oral health issues that can cause TMJ disorders. When the teeth or bite alignment is off, it can put extra pressure on the jaw joint. Bruxism, including teeth grinding and jaw clenching, can cause strain on the TMJ. Arthritis, tendonitis and other disorders involving the jaw joint components can also cause TMD.

Patients with TMJ or TMD often experience jaw and facial pain. The pain can also radiate to the ears, neck and head, causing headaches, earaches and migraines. Other symptoms of TMD include locking, clicking or popping in the jaw and difficulty opening/closing the jaw.

Jaw Pain, Facial Pain Relief!

TMJ and TMD treatment varies for each patient. If misalignment of the teeth or bite is causing stress on the jaw, orthodontic treatment can be helpful in relieving pain. Some patients may have missing teeth that impact alignment. For those with bruxism, controlling teeth grinding and jaw clenching can relieve the strain on the jaw joint. Many patients with TMJ disorders can find relief by using a dental nightguard when sleeping to adjust the jaw and relieve pressure on the joint.

If you have symptoms of TMJ/TMD and want jaw and facial pain relief, come see us at Green Meadow Dental. Our dentist can perform a comprehensive exam to determine the cause of your TMJ symptoms and recommend a treatment plan. Replacing missing teeth, aligning the teeth with Invisalign® aligners or wearing a dental nightguard are some of the possible treatments that may offer relief for your TMJ disorder.

Temporomandibular joint disorders can impact your quality of life. If you have chronic jaw joint pain or dysfunction, dental treatment could give you relief. Call our team at Green Meadow Dental to schedule a TMJ exam and consultation. Contact us online or call our Newington, CT, office to book your appointment.

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