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The last four molars to arrive are called the wisdom teeth due to their eruption near adulthood. Most people receive their wisdom teeth between the ages of 17-22. While many people have no problems with their last molars, some people may experience impaction, crowding or alignment issues with their wisdom teeth. Our dental team at Green Meadow Dental offers wisdom teeth removal when these last molars cause oral problems.

The wisdom teeth are large molars that have 3-4 roots and complete the full set of 32 adult teeth. These molars require more space than most teeth, which is where the problem often arrives. If you have a narrow jaw or smaller mouth, there may not be room for these last molars. Wisdom teeth can push against other teeth, causing crowding or misalignment. In some cases, wisdom teeth become impacted in the gums, never erupting completely.

Wisdom teeth eruption should be monitored. Teens and young adults should have routine exams to detect any possible problems with their wisdom teeth. If there are any issues, wisdom teeth can be proactively removed to avoid oral health problems.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth can be removed at any point if they cause problems, but they are easier to extract when they first arrive. Many teens and young adults have their wisdom teeth extracted when they arrive, and before the roots are completely anchored in the jaw bone. This is one of the few procedures where healthy teeth are removed proactively to prevent future dental problems.

Wisdom tooth removal can be performed one tooth at a time or by removing all the molars at once. The teeth are numbed with local anesthesia. Most patients will need to rest and heal for a few days after their wisdom tooth or teeth are removed.

If you have wisdom teeth that are causing you problems, removal may be the best option. Green Meadow Dental offers wisdom teeth extractions in a comfortable, relaxing environment. Contact our office in Newington, CT, to discuss wisdom tooth removal – most insurance plans are accepted at our dental practice.

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